Monday, 13 September 2010

Neil Cropper: HUCF must back Hilley

Former President of Hull Conservative Future branch, Neil Cropper is supporting me for the Deputy Chair Membership role. As well as voting for me he is also encouraging the current President Matt Jones and his team of HUCF to support me. He said: “I am pleased to back Clare for the role of DC Membership as I believe that she has the experience and ideas to move CF forward. Her proposal to introduce a Members Forum and bring back CF Awards are excellent as it will incentivise all of the HUCF members as sometimes we feel isolated up here! As she was Chairman of LCF I know that she understands how Northern branches feel and is prepared to speak out for them.”

I welcome Neil’s kind words and thank him for voting for me. I agree with him about HUCF and other Northern branches who sometimes feel quite isolated which is why I am pledging to hold National Events across the different regions.

For more information please look at my pledge page.

Neil Crooper and other HUCF members celebrating VE Day

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