Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Initial response

Yesterday as soon as TBG released this article: http://theblueguerilla.blogspot.com/2010/09/clare-hilley-to-stand-for-cf-deputy.html 
my phone has not stopped ringing!

Activists from across the UK including branch, area and regional chairman have offered me their support as well as members who I have not even met yet. Thank you to you all for encouraging me to stand and supporting me yesterday. I do hope that I can live up to your expectations of what CF should be.

This blog will be frequently updated with details of the campaign and feel free to contact me with any story that you would like me to put up here.

Friends who I haven't caught up with in years have told me that I've got their support and a few were disappointed that they are now over the age to vote! Joking aside I am determined to fight a strong campaign and wish all of the other candidates standing against me and for other positions the best of luck over the next few weeks.

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