Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My first interview since being elected

Since my election yesterday the online newspaper LondonSpin has interviewed me about my plans for CF.


HILLEY: Members First, Bickering Last

Conservative Future’s Deputy Chairman tells London Spin her plans to make membership a priority for the organisation

Everyone knows that the lifeblood of Conservative Future is its membership.

These are the people who give up their own time and money to run Fresher’s stalls and recruit new members who previously only had a passing interest in the Conservative Party.

These are the people that support crucial campaigns, in the rain and the snow, providing pivotal support in areas where they are needed most. These are the people that organise the social events and secure senior spokespeople for networking and branch development. These are the people that go on to become Councillors and Parliamentary candidates. These are the people we should always put first.

For too long our members have been neglected and unappreciated, that’s why I’m working with the new executive to develop a formal National Awards Programme in recognition of their efforts. For too long our organisation has failed to attract Conservatives from all sides of the political spectrum. For too long our membership has appeared exclusive and unwelcoming to new members. This needs to change.

We should be recruiting more members and creating new branches. We should be empowering and praising our activists and setting an example to new members. We should be taken seriously by the party and seen as a well organised professional organisation.

We look forward to meeting you all at conference.

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