Friday, 17 September 2010

Cambridge advises its members

Cambridge University Conservative Association run by Fergus McGhee offers its members a few tips in regards to candidates standing in the CF elections. The article entitled 'The CF Caucus Race' describes the Chairman candidates as follows:

- Ben Howlett - "CUCA almunus, not-called-to-marriage, seems to be trying very hard."
- Craig Cox - "seems quite innocuous and is a “professional” rather than a professional politician."
- Michael Khan - "seems almost sort of “one nation” in his outlook."

It describes me as "charming, attractive, newlywed with a realistic sense of her own importance and of CF’s influence. As she doesn’t necessarily need the job, that probably makes her the best candidate. Splendid lady."

Thank you CUCA and I hope you've received your ballot papers as I am still awaiting mine.....

To read it in full click here

CUCA's traditional banner!

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