Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hexham CF Branch quick off the mark with Operation Shoebox....

Hexham Conservative Future branch have been quick off the mark with Conservative Future's Christmas Social Action project Operation Shoebox.

Click here to watch their local MP Guy Opperman giving an interview about the project.

Keep up the good work guys!

Hexham MP, Guy Opperman on the campaign trail with local CF activists

Monday, 29 November 2010

Sending some Christmas cheer to Afghanistan

"We’ve all heard a lot about the Big Society. Some say it’s about getting involved in your local community or helping your neighbours in times of need or starting your own school. But how can you get involved?
This year Conservative Future have a packed full agenda of social action projects which you can get involved in. We will be unveiling our projects over the coming weeks and months and you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in your local community. Wether related to the environment, schools or care homes, I’m confident that Conservative Future will play a vital role, this is your chance to contribute directly to our Big Society.
Our first project is Operation Shoebox, where we will be sending gifts and personal messages of thanks to our troops serving in Afghanistan, all in time for Christmas. This is your chance to get involved, so come on, grab a shoebox and fill it with goodies - I know I will."

To find out more click here

To sign up click here  

The deadline is December 4th and 9th and please send your goodies that we can pack to CCHQ.

For the full address please contact Serene
I urge you all to get involved in this worthwhile project to show the troops abroad your support.

This year Conservative Future is proud to present our first social action project for Christmas; Operation Shoebox.

Headed by our newest member of the National Executive Serene John-Richards she said:

CF Chairmen Training Day programme revealed...

This Saturday we are hosting the CF Chairmen Training Day which is free for all CF Chairmen across the UK to attend.

So far we've got over 50 Chairmen signed up from across the UK which is excellent news but there are still more places available!

We've managed to pack in 10 speakers over five sessions into the day including: 

- Media Training with CCHQ Press Team (they trained the current Conservative members of the Cabinet)

Me speaking at Women's Training Workshop (May 2009)

- N02AV Campaign Briefing (this item is confidential so no video recordings or photos are allowed)

- Free lunch

- Workshops with topics including the CF Work Programme for 2011, how to make your branch a success and how to increase membership

- Various MPs and GLAMs giving addresses

For security reasons we need everyone to register in advance and you can do so here  

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday and please contact me if you require any more information.
Media Training Workshop at CCHQ (May 2009)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Saturday's Action Day in Croydon

London Conservative Future headed by Regional Chairman Nic Clark came down to Croydon for a Super Saturday. Held monthly across regions in the UK, these days have been a resounding success so far.

Gavin Barwell MP hosted the day and we went canvassing in Addiscombe as well as enjoying a pub lunch!

I had a great time and it was brilliant to see so many new faces.

Nic has written up the day here

Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Full CF National Executive

The New National CF Executive 2010-11

I'm pleased to announce that three new members will be joining the Conservative Future National Executive.

In the past when the National Chairman wanted to co-opt people onto the National Executive it was done behind close doors. This is the first time that Conservative Future has elected these positions and as long as you were a CF member you were eligible to stand.
14 candidates threw themselves into the ring for three positions which is remarkable and shows just how many members want to get actively involved with the body of Conservative Future.

The campaign lasted 10 days and I received lots of calls and emails as one of the voters.
I wished everyone good luck and am pleased that I now have some more people to work with on the executive as there is a lot to do!

The winners were; Serene John-Richards, Peter Smallwood and Louise Powell and I'm pleased to be working with them over the coming year. All of them have a long history of campaigning and working hard for the party during local, general and European elections.
They were strong candidates and commiseration's to all those that did not win. I know that they will stay involved and there will be lots of opportunities in the future for them to get stuck into!

On our website Ben said: "Many congratulations to those that won their elections and I look forward to working with you...commiseration's to those that have unfortunately not made their positions. It was a really close election and there will be plenty of other opportunities to get involved in the future.

This is a great day for CF, democratic elections allowing people to get more involved with campaigns, events and social action. These elections truly show a new CF is here. We have a diverse team that shows CF is representative of modern Britain - showing that young people are really keen to get involved in politics."

A big congratulations to Augustine Chipungu who got elected to the position of Eastern Regional Chairman. I look forward to working with him also.

Our National Executive team now is made up of four women and three men. This is the first time in CF's history that a National Executive has more women than men on it and shows how much has changed over the years.

For an analysis, click here

For the results in full, click here


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

London CF Action Day

London Conservative Future is campaigning for Gavin Barwell MP in Croydon this Saturday.

As most of you know I used to be the Regional Chairman for London and had a lot of fun campaigning across London (and the UK!) in the last election.

Nic Clark is the new Regional Chairman for London and has an excellent committee supporting him.

This is their second campaign day since October and I will be joining them this Saturday and hope that you will be too.

Please email me at: clare.hilley@conservativefuture.com for the event details.

The 'old London CF' campaigning for Gavin Barwell MP during the election!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Porter should resign

What began as a peaceful protest over student fees quickly transformed into a hate-filled riot. As a result of these actions, the NUS has caused huge embarrassment for itself and for London, which has affected many hundreds of innocent bystanders.

The NUS organised and advertised this protest by calling it a ‘Demolition March’ - and they certainly achieved this aim. Whilst bricks and mortar can indeed be repaired, it is the reputation of the NUS that was demolished by yesterday’s violence. Hollow sound bites and pathetic excuses from the organisation’s President Aaron Porter speak volumes about just how out of touch the NUS is with it’s members. The only way to draw a line under this tragic state of events is for its current President to do the right thing and step down.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Exciting times for CF

It’s inspiring to see so many activists putting their names forward to join the National Executive Committee and help deliver the changes Conservative Future needs to reach its full potential. Looking at the names on the list, it’s clear we have a wealth of talent available across the whole organisation, whether the candidates are old or new. CF is only great because of the people that give up their time to run branches, recruit new members, develop its culture and this is why we’re delighted that three new people will be joining the national team.

There are however big challenges in the pipeline. We need to revamp many of our branches and give Regional Chairman the support they need to grow branches and help get more activists involved in the movement. I’ve been in CF for many, many years now, and I have to say this is the time where we need to pull together and prove to the party that we are a serious, hardworking and valuable resource. I wish all candidates the very best of luck and look forward to working with them in the very near future.

Nominations in full here