As a Contributing Editor for The Commentator I write many articles that can be read here 

Thefts from the BBC (The Guardian, December 2014)

Police face disciplinary action over offensive comments (The Daily Mail, June 2014)

Police misuse social media (The Times, June 2014)

Parliament seizes knuckledusters and knives (Evening Standard, March 2014)

Railway assaults on the increase (Evening Standard, February 2014)

The New Hate Crime (, January 2014)

Standing up for the British Clergy (The Sunday Telegraph, January 2014)

Bernard Ingham supports my campaign (Yorkshire Post, January 2014)

Interview on standing up for the British Clergy campaign (Voice of Russia, January 2014)

Lancashire supports my campaign (Lancashire Evening Post, January 2014)

Plebgate: Sixteen Met Police officers disciplined for falsifying police logs (The Daily Telegraph, December 2013)

Plebgate: Met officers disciplined for sending illicit emails (The Guardian, December 2013) 

Ed Miliband Playing Politics with Syria (Parliament Street blog, August 2013)

Defending the motion backing a referendum on the EU (Croydon Guardian, July 2013)

Listen to me proposing a motion backing a referendum on the EU (Croydon Town Hall, July 2013 recorded by 'In the Loop' on Croydon Radio)

Wandle Park Revival Day (Croydon Guardian, July 2013)

Video of Waddon Leisure Centre Opening (January, 2013)

Conservatives are Building a Bright Future in Croydon (ConservativeHome blog, January 2013)

Don't Let Britain Become Labour's Fruit Machine Again (Parliament Street blog, February 2013)

Our Duty to Stop Domestic Violence (Conservative Home blog, March, 2013)

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