Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Croydon Labour votes not to give residents an effective 2% council tax cut

Croydon Conservatives were extremely disappointed that Croydon Labour voted against the proposed council budget for 2014/15, but were not exactly surprised given their track record on increasing council tax when they were in power. 

Over the 12 year period when they ran the council, Labour increased council tax by 107% in real terms - and of course by much more when you add the inflation back in. Compare this with the Conservatives record where council tax has fallen in real terms by 4.5%


                             + 107% under Labour        V        - 4.5% under the Conservatives

Monday, 17 February 2014

Conservative Future Women AGM

Two years ago, the Rt Hon Theresa May MP and myself launched CF Women at St Stephens ClubSince then we have held over twenty events in parliament, at various embassies and CCHQ. We have helped and supported many of our members with their campaigns and careers and have assisted them where necessary. I am very proud of what CF Women has achieved in such a short space of time and would like to thank my dedicated and hard-working team who has made all of this possible.

After an exciting two years at the helm I have decided to stand down as Chairman and as such would like to invite you as a member to attend our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 18th March at 7pm. It will be held in parliament and we will be joined by Charlotte Leslie MP. To attend please register here

Nominations for Chairman are open to all CFW members. 

To nominate yourself explaining why, please email me and Celia at: clare@conservativefuturewomen.co.uk & celia@conservativefuturewomen.co.uk 

The nomination period will open on Monday 17th February and close on Friday 28th February.

All candidates will receive instructions on the election process and AGM in due course.

I look forward to seeing you at our AGM on 18th March.