Thursday, 28 April 2011

Only 7 days to go...

With only 7 days to go until the AV referendum CCHQ have just sent out this rallying message to all members:

Dear Clare,

A week today, Britain will make one of the most important decisions in our political history. I call the AV Referendum the mother of all elections - because this is critical to the future of our democracy.

The simple fact is unless enough people go out to vote next Thursday we could end up sleepwalking into a system which damages our democracy permanently. This is one election with no expiry date.

So with seven days to go, I am calling on you to join me and help win this referendum. From Belfast to Brighton, Glasgow to Gravesham, in Cardiff, Canterbury or Carlisle - we need you to help get out the vote. This is one of those elections where I need you to go the extra mile.

Remember: there are three big reasons why Britain should vote No next Thursday.

First, AV is unfair. With First Past the Post, everyone gets one vote. But under AV, supporters of extreme parties like the BNP will get their votes counted more than those who vote for mainstream parties. Put simply, BNP votes are worth more than yours.

Second, AV is confusing. Just look what happens in Australia, where they use AV and want to get rid of it. Party workers stand outside polling stations with 'How to Vote' cards, telling people the exact order to rank each candidate.

And third, AV is costly - no matter what our opponents claim, there is a real danger that AV would be an expensive political fix, coming with higher costs and a raft of new bureaucracy.

Take a look at the rest of the world. Right now, First Past the Post is used by 2.4 billion people across the planet. It's the most widely used system in the world. But AV is used in just three countries: Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

So if, like me, like Churchill, like many leading historians, sports stars and scientists, you know that AV would be a disaster for our democracy, get in touch with your local association and find out how you can help.

There's also still time to join our No to AV Group. Over a thousand people have already signed up, and they're really helping to shape our campaign, giving important feedback and getting exclusive previews of all our No to AV ad campaigns.

Whether it's delivering leaflets, canvassing constituents, or putting up posters, anything you can do will help in these last few days. And while you're at it, you can also get involved in our local election campaign - and help stop Labour doing to your council what they did to our country.

Best wishes,

Sayeeda Warsi signature

Sayeeda Warsi 
Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party"

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A belated Happy Easter...

I hope that you all had a good Easter break and were not campaigning too hard!!

With only one more bank holiday weekend to go before May 5th CF activists across the UK are canvassing the phones and streets hard.

Next Thursday sees a total of 279 local authorities in England going to the polls with the composition as follows:

- 36 Metropolitan Boroughs
- 49 Unitary authorities
- 194 Second-tier districts
- 26 district councils in Northern Ireland

79% of the total number of voters in England will be able to vote and it will be a first test for both the Coalition Government and the Opposition party.

Elections will be held on the same day for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.

I know that CF members across the UK in their respective regions, counties and local areas are working hard but it's not over yet so keep up the good work and lets have something to celebrate on May 6th!

As I am in London we are busy helping out our Conservative friends who are standing as Council Candidates in outer London boroughs and are also tirelessly pounding the streets for the AV referendum. 

I am campaigning hard with the NO to AV campaign as are my fellow Croydon Labour Councillors which is very interesting!

The whole country will be able to vote in the referendum and it is crucial that we get a NO vote. 

So keep up the good work and I will let you know when our post-campaigning party will be to celebrate our successes. 

Monday, 18 April 2011

Free Tonight? Then come to GENEVA

In September 2009 when I was Chairman of London CF we launched CF GENEVA sessions which became infamous up to the 2010 General Election, tele canvassing thousands of voters across the UK. 

Conservative Future is once again launching their regular telephone canvassing sessions this evening from 6pm to get the message out that only the Conservatives will get Britain moving again and that the message is clear NO to AV. 

Read more here

Myself and Tom Packer hitting the phones at GENEVA in December 2009

RSVP me at: if you'd like to attend this evening.

Cameron: AV would be a backward step for our country- we must not let that happen

Today, David Cameron shared a stage with former Labour Home Secretary John Reid to set out why we should vote No to AV.

David Cameron and Lord Reid don't agree on much. But they do, absolutely, agree on this. AV would be wrong for Britain. It is obscure, unfair and expensive. It will mean that people who come third in elections can end up winning. It will make our politics less accountable and it would be a backward step for our country.

That's why David Cameron and Lord Reid are sharing this platform today. They're part of a wide coalition of people - from across political parties and from none, of seasoned campaigners and people who have never been involved in political campaigns, of sportsmen and women, scientists and historians, of young and old who have come together because we are united and agreed about one thing: Britain should say No to AV.

There are three big problems with AV that strike at the heart of how we believe our democracy should work. First, we believe power should lie with the people - and AV would take some of that power away. Second, we believe there should be real accountability between the pledges politicians put in their manifestos and the action they take in government. AV would damage that chain of accountability. And third, we believe in the principle of one person, one vote. And AV will mean the votes of some people get counted more than others.

Their joint message to the British people: 

"Yes, this referendum is about the voting system we use. But it goes further than that: It's about the kind of country we are, about the democracy we have. It really is simple: If you want a system that lets you, as the Americans say, 'throw the rascals out'. If you want a system that makes our politicians accountable. If you want a system that enshrines the principle of one person, one vote. You must vote on May 5th, and you must vote No to AV.

The biggest danger right now is that Britain sleepwalks into this second-rate system, waking up on May 6th with a voting system that damages our democracy permanently. We must not let that happen. So get out there and fight, and get out there and win."

To join William Hague's NO to AV group click here

To join the NO to AV campaign click here

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

NO2AV Poster Launch this morning

For those that missed it, the NO2AV campaign launched these posters:

Kenneth Clarke MP said: 'The AV referendum on May 5th is extremely important for the future of our country. First Past The Post embodies the key principle behind our democracy, the principle of One Person, One Vote.

'The Alternative Vote will put an end to this and could create a system in which the candidate who comes in third might be declared the winner. We wouldn't have stood for this after Saturday's Grand National and why should we?

'People have a right to know what AV will mean for them - adopting it on May 5th will lead to a voting system which is unfair, processes that are unclear, and politics that is unaccountable. We should not be gambling with our democratic system and that is why I am urging people across the country to vote no on May 5th.'

To get involved and help out please contact your local Conservative Association as NO2AV street stalls will be held across the country this Saturday 16th April.

If you don't know where your local Conservative Association is then please contact me at: 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Brilliant Poster...

For all of those facing local elections on May 5th- feel free to use this poster!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Film Premiere of ‘I Am a Great Man’

Come and join us on Tuesday 19th April to watch the film premiere of ‘I Am a Great Man’ which is part of a series of exclusive preview screenings in advance of a general release of the film later in the year.

The film is best described as the love child of 'Spinal Tap' and 'Thick of It'. It is a deadpan, behind the scenes mockumentary about politics. An unknown Tory councillor, frustrated at not being selected for a safe seat, decides to start his own party. Set during the last General Election, jaded voters - pissed off with expense fiddling politicians - give him a chance. His small party does surprisingly well, and he is perfectly positioned to take advantage of a shaky coalition Government. A young documentary maker follows him every step of the way, as he almost rises to the top - before suffering a spectacular fall from grace.

This is the debut feature film from writer/director Alex Crowley. Alex was always best placed to make a film about politics, given he was political adviser to Boris Johnson for almost two years. Filmmaking is also in the family; his brother is Nathan Crowley, a twice Oscar nominated Production Designer behind 'Batman Begins' and 'Dark Knight'.

Date: Tuesday 19th April
Location: Upstairs at Morpeth Arms, 58 Millbank, Westminster SW1P 4RW
Time: 6.30pm
Ticket: £10 (to include film screening from 7pm & wine) BUY HERE

To read more please click here 

Friday, 1 April 2011

Do you think national debt is a serious issue?

If so then come and join the Rally Against Debt in London on Saturday 14th May.

Over a thousand people have signed up already and if you haven't done so yet then make sure that you do! The organisers describe the rally as:

A well mannered, polite rally for civilised people who don't wish to see their hard earned money being spent on pointless government initiatives and instead would like government spending to actually fall and our national debt to be cut.
We don't think that it's fair for us to continue borrowing money to live a lifestyle that we simply can't afford - burdening our children with unnecessary debt that they will have to pay back.
Any visits to Fortnum and Mason's by protestors will only be to marvel at their selection of quality goods and perhaps make the occasional purchase.
Bonfires will be strictly forbidden: it's out of season anyway
Trips to see Vodafone and other high street chains will result in congratulations to the company for providing jobs and growth in the UK.

To RSVP via facebook click here 

You can learn more about the rally here