Thursday, 9 September 2010

CCHQ are emailing ballot papers

Word has just got to me that CCHQ are emailing out ballot papers to members who they have got on their database. As we all know there are three ways on joining CF as a member:

1) Through your local association
2) Via the CF website
3) Through a CF branch

The CCHQ database is soley comprised of members who joined via the CF website. As I joined through my local association I am still awaiting my ballot paper....

I wonder if I'll get it......


  1. hope that I get mine

  2. Local Associations were asked to nsure their records on CF were up to date this summer, in preparation for this ballot.

    Paul Swaddle

  3. Thanks for the clarification Paul- it puts my mind at rest!

  4. Yep - checked with our Association, and CCHQ had requested all information from Bluechip on CF members, so everything should go out properly.