Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dartford CF Supports me

Dartford CF branch Chairman Peter Cannon contacted me last night to pledge his support for my candidacy. The branch worked really hard in the general election to help secure Gareth Johnson MP's victory by over 10,000 votes. Previously we lost this marginal seat by 886 votes in the 2005 election. This shows how CF branches have made the difference across the country in marginal seats that we gained in May.

He said: "With her track record of tirelessly campaigning across the country and her strong Conservative beliefs, Clare Hilley is the best possible candidate for Deputy Chair, and she will be able to make Conservative Future an even stronger movement. I can think of no-one better."

Dartford CF campaigning for Gareth Johnson MP and Dartford CF Chairman
Peter Cannon enjoying the World Cup!!

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  1. Thank you once again for the great picture Clare!

    Very best of luck! Although I am sure you won't need it.