Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Five good reasons....

If I was voting tomorrow I would vote for the proposals as I believe that they are the best alternative to the current system for these reasons:

1) Currently all students have to pay up front and under proposals no one pays up front
2)  Students only pay until after they graduate
3)  Currently the threshold is £15k to pay back but under the proposals this will rise to £21k
4)  Everyone will pay back less per month
5)  Students who were eligible for school meals as a school pupil, will get up to two years worth of fees free whereas under the current system all students have to pay.

We all have to remember that Labour left us with the largest budget deficit since the Second World War and there is no other choice than to increase fees.

The Government has said that last year, half of young people from the most advantaged areas entered higher education, compared to just 1 in 5 from the most disadvantaged areas. Under these proposals I genuinely believe that it will help poorer students go to university as the government will pay their fees for them. Currently there is no incentive for poorer students as they still have to pay fees and a lot of them are put off by going to university.

For the facts on tuition fees click here

Monday, 6 December 2010

Members party at the CFX 2010

After the CF Chairmen Training Day on Saturday we also hosted our Christmas Party nicknamed "CFX2010" by leading blogger LondonSpin
Over 200 people attended and danced the night away until 4am. Andrew Rosindell MP addressed us all and told us how CF led the way in regards to the main party.

For the first time in Conservative Future's history we raised £1,000 that we are putting towards activities in our 2011 work programme.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

CF Training Day a resounding success

On Saturday we hosted a CF Chairmen Training Day. Over 70 Chairmen representing the Regions, Areas & CF Branches of the UK turned up.

We had a jam packed agenda with workshops and speeches from senior MPs, CCHQ staff, party Chairmen’s office and outside organisations such as the cross party political organisation NOtoAV.

The day ran smoothly and we all learnt a lot about the party’s direction and future over the coming year. CCHQ told us that it was the first time in a number of years that they were relying on us to provide help with the party’s new campaigns for the coming year as well as insight into policy outlines.

It was great to see so many people who had travelled from across the UK and I can’t wait to help the regions host their own training days next year.

To read this on the CF website click here