Thursday, 30 September 2010

- - - Party Conference - - -

I am very excited as less than 3 days away is party conference!

The first conference that I ever attended was in 2001 when I was 18 years old and it was very memorable as it was my first one.

Since then I have been to every conference so this will be my 9th conference and the first time that we will have a leader's speech by a Prime Minister- which will be very exciting!!

I know that a lot of you have been contacting me with regards to meeting up at conference for drinks and discussions so I thought that it would be good if I posted up my conference diary.

Please note my surgery times throughout conference and please do email me at: to let me know if you want to meet for a drink or discussion.

Saturday 3rd October

3pm- National Convention Conference on the future of our party

7pm- Drinks & Canapes evening with B'ham Cllrs

Sunday 4th October

9.30am- Annual National Convention Meeting


6pm- Rally for Boris

7.30pm- Women2Win Drinks Reception

9pm- Tesco & CCA Drinks Reception

9.30pm- North of England Drinks Reception

11.30pm- CWF Drinks Reception

Monday 5th October

10.30am- Private meeting

12.30pm- Private lunch

6pm- The Great British Pub Quiz

8pm - CWF Dinner

11.30pm- ConHome & Azerbaijan Party

Tuesday 6th October


2pm- Social Action project at the Dolphin Centre

5pm- Our first exec meeting

6pm- Our first Regional Chairman College Meeting

7.30pm- Eastern Region Reception

8pm- CF Conference Reception

9.30pm- LGA Reception

11pm- Oceana Nightclub

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My first interview since being elected

Since my election yesterday the online newspaper LondonSpin has interviewed me about my plans for CF.


HILLEY: Members First, Bickering Last

Conservative Future’s Deputy Chairman tells London Spin her plans to make membership a priority for the organisation

Everyone knows that the lifeblood of Conservative Future is its membership.

These are the people who give up their own time and money to run Fresher’s stalls and recruit new members who previously only had a passing interest in the Conservative Party.

These are the people that support crucial campaigns, in the rain and the snow, providing pivotal support in areas where they are needed most. These are the people that organise the social events and secure senior spokespeople for networking and branch development. These are the people that go on to become Councillors and Parliamentary candidates. These are the people we should always put first.

For too long our members have been neglected and unappreciated, that’s why I’m working with the new executive to develop a formal National Awards Programme in recognition of their efforts. For too long our organisation has failed to attract Conservatives from all sides of the political spectrum. For too long our membership has appeared exclusive and unwelcoming to new members. This needs to change.

We should be recruiting more members and creating new branches. We should be empowering and praising our activists and setting an example to new members. We should be taken seriously by the party and seen as a well organised professional organisation.

We look forward to meeting you all at conference.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Thank you for voting for me

Just wanted to thank all my supporters for voting for me in this election. As I outlined in my campaign pledges, there is much work to be done and I look forward to working with all of you to drive recruitment and expand our membership to make Conservative Future an even greater organisation.

Thanks again!!


Today has finally arrived!

Even if I am not successful tonight I would like to thank everyone for supporting me. I have had a great month meeting and speaking to members across the country.

We are the future of our party and need to make our voices heard.

I hope that whoever gets elected tonight works hard during the next year to create a better Conservative Future.

Thanks also to those who have wished me luck today especially to Regional Chairman Elect Thomas Turrell for the East Midlands and Peter McManus, Chairman of Hexham CF branch. Your comments were really appreciated!!

Friday, 24 September 2010

TBG's prediction

Today tbg made a prediction based on the ballots that CCHQ have already received. I suppose you could call it an almost- like exit poll BUT I cannot take this for granted as ballot papers are still being issued now...

Even tbg makes reference to this at the end of the article stating:

"Due to the late arrival of a huge amount of ballots, this projection could change over the weekend."
Remember to Vote Hilley for DC Membership if you haven't already done so!

Fellow Candidate for DC Alexandra Swann votes for me

Yesterday fellow candidate in the race for DC Political Alexandra Swann voted for me and urges all CF members to do the same.

On her website she says: "Clare’s record is as legendary as her banter. I cannot say enough good things about Clare – I just bloody hope she wins."

Cllr Katie-Jo Francis votes for me

Deputy Chairman of Loughborough CF, Cllr Katie-Jo from Burton & Uttoxeter has just voted for me and urges every member in East Staffordshire to do the same.

"During the election Clare came up with a dozen members to help us out in Burton & Uttoxeter for Andrew Griffiths MP. She has a great talent for organising people and we are all indebted up here for her help back in May. I've just voted for her and urge you all to do the same."

Cllr Katie-Jo showing off her raffle prize with other members of Loughborough CF & Nicky Morgan MP

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Count

With only four days to go until the count I've been thinking about the last election in January 2008- nearly 3 years ago....!!

Approximately 9000 ballot papers were issued and only 768 members voted for a National Chairman.

The party hired the ERS to conduct the election at a cost of around £15,000 which is why they have opted to do it in-house for this election.

How many ballots do you think have been issued this election and how many will return?

I do not believe in abolishing one member, one vote and have campaigned against it in the past BUT with such a lack of interest in past elections this gives strength to the people on the opposing side.

We must all ensure that we vote in these elections as one member, one vote will be kept.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Finally got my ballot paper....

Today I FINALLY got my ballot paper...!!!!

Question is who to vote for?

Answers on the back of a postcard please...

London Spin endorses me

This week both ToryBear and theBlueGuerilla endorsed me and the last blog LondonSpin endorsed me last night.

It said: "POLITICAL newspaper London Spin has formally announced its backing for Clare Hilley for the role of Deputy Chairman, Membership. With a decade of service in regional, area and local roles, Clare’s drive to recruit new members and energise our organisation is second to none.

The Deputy Chairman in this position needs to encourage recruitment of all young Conservatives, and help get them involved in the party. In London, Clare has help deliver a huge CF force, which has been influential in key campaigns and spawned numerous new branches. Her experience, energy and commitment will help introduce a new generation into CF and increase its size to deliver an organisation of which we can be truly proud."

To read the article in full click here

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Chris Kelly's actual words....

Sorry for another post about Chris Kelly MP's support for me but he contacted me today with the reasons as to why he's supporting me as he wants to let CF members know across the country why they should vote for me.

So as well as outlining his views on social media site twitter he also wants to tell members why they should Vote Hilley: "Clare is a doer not a talker. I have known her since she was a teenager and she has been a committed, energetic campaigner for our cause since that time. Clare marshaled dozens of CFers to make hundreds of telephone canvassing calls from the GenEVA call centre at CCHQ to swing voters in Dudley North & Dudley South. This data enabled us to better target my campaign at ledges and made a real contribution to the size of my majority. I send my thanks to Clare and without hesitation urge you all to vote for her for Deputy Chairman Membership."

Me and Nic Clarke at one of Chris Kelly's GenEVA sessions

Face of our party SJR supports me

Chairman of Tooting CF branch and face of our party, Serene John-Richards has today told all of her members to support me. "I have worked with Clare over the last two years and she has been an excellent Chairman for London. She has helped me out considerably in Wandsworth and I hope that she gets elected. As she is a Councillor in Croydon she is able to show other CF members the ropes and teach them how to get elected. She will be an asset to Conservative Future and I urge you all to vote for her."

Serene JR is currently the face of your party and her beautiful face appears on a lot of the Conservative Party literature.

Serene on one of the Conservative Party posters

Monday, 20 September 2010

ToryBear endorses me

Following the BlueGuerilla blog's endorsements last week today ToryBear has told his readers to vote for me.

He said: " Clare Hilley has been a member of CF for the best part of a decade and proved time and again her ability at organising London based campaigns.... Clare and TB have had their differences over the last year or so, but there is no doubting she is the best candidate for this particular job, and that slogan was always going to come in useful one day... Don't be silly, vote for Hilley.

To read the article in full click here

To join my facebook campaign group click here

Twitter click here #backhilley

ToryBear at Party Conference 2008

Matt Sephton also uses social media to get my vote out

Chairman of LGBTory, Matt Septon and ex-PPC for Salfords & Eccles has been messaging his online friends, telling them to vote for me.

Facebook and twitter are leading the way in my campaign and to join them click here:
Twitter: @clarehilley, #backhilley

Chris Kelly MP gets out my vote via facebook

Chris Kelly MP was one of my first endorsements a few weeks ago and he said: "I was delighted when Clare put her name forward for the Deputy Chair Membership role as she helped me with my general election campaign in Dudley South by organising GenEVA sessions at CCHQ. These were attended by up to thirty people that she managed to persuade to come along with only a few days notice. I am pleased to give her my endorsement and wish her the best of luck in the elections."

 He is now using facebook to support me and sent out this message of support to his thousands of followers and friends:

Friday, 17 September 2010

Watford CF supports me

Chairman of Watford CF Peter Ganney told me that when he gets his ballot paper he will vote for me and will encourage all of his members to do the same. He said: "Clare drove a bus load of activists to us for the weekend during the election campaign. Clare and her team provided invaluable support to us and also Richard Harrington MP. I believe that she will make an excellent Deputy Chair of Membership and ask you all to support her." 

Let's hope that Peter and his branch get his ballot soon.

Click here to read the press release about the weekend in Watford.

Watford CF & my team on the campaign trail!

Cambridge advises its members

Cambridge University Conservative Association run by Fergus McGhee offers its members a few tips in regards to candidates standing in the CF elections. The article entitled 'The CF Caucus Race' describes the Chairman candidates as follows:

- Ben Howlett - "CUCA almunus, not-called-to-marriage, seems to be trying very hard."
- Craig Cox - "seems quite innocuous and is a “professional” rather than a professional politician."
- Michael Khan - "seems almost sort of “one nation” in his outlook."

It describes me as "charming, attractive, newlywed with a realistic sense of her own importance and of CF’s influence. As she doesn’t necessarily need the job, that probably makes her the best candidate. Splendid lady."

Thank you CUCA and I hope you've received your ballot papers as I am still awaiting mine.....

To read it in full click here

CUCA's traditional banner!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

GLAM Cllr Steve O'Connell Supports me

GLA Member Steve O'Connell supports me and was delighted when he found out that I was standing. He said: "Clare provided invaluable support to me on the campaign trail during my election to the GLA. She has increased and retained members in South London and I am pleased that she decided to stand for this position as she really is the best person for the job."

Also supporting me at the GLA is Kit Friend, their GLA Student Volunteering Coordinator. He said: "I've got no reservations in backing Clare 100% in the CF Elections. Like so many others, I wouldn't be anywhere near as involved with CF if it hadn't been for Clare's keen leadership of London CF, and her track record across the country speaks for itself. Her dedication to her membership, aspirations and creativity all have a well deserved reputation. We need more people like Clare Hilley at the top of our organisation."
GLAM Cllr Steve O'Connell and me campaigning for Gavin Barwell MP during the 2010 election

Evening with Wandsworth CF

Last night I went to Wandsworth CF drinks hosted by the Chairman of Wandsworth CF Jago Alexander. There were about a dozen members and they came from Tooting, Balham, Putney and Clapham. Ex-PPC for Tooting Mark Clarke was the guest speaker and he delivered his opinion of the coalition which was interesting and informative.

Chairman of Richmond CF Gajan Wallooppillai also popped in with CF stalwart Ben Mallet and it was great to catch up with them too.

Most of the members of the two branches still hadn't had their ballot papers and I am still waiting for them. If elected I promise that this fiasco will not happen again.

Me with members of Wandsworth CF

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

TBG endorses me

TBG has just endorsed me. The Blue Guerilla blog was started three years ago with Tory Bear and London Spin  and has over 800 hits a day from CF members across the country.

He said: " In the first of FOUR major announcements tBg is urging CF members to vote Clare Hilley for Deputy Chair' for membership.
Level-headed Clare has massive experience within CF and has been a loyal and hardened activist for over a decade. tBg believes Clare's values and ideals are in line with itself and modern-progressive Conservatism able to take CF in the right direction. Decent, hard-working and conscientious Clare has earned her spot at the top of this organisation."

Click here to read more on tbg
Click here to join my facebook group

We Can Build a Stronger CF - New Video

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Richard Ottaway MP supports me

Richard Ottaway MP for Croydon South who invited me to join the party just over twelve years ago fully supports my campaign. "I am pleased at what Clare has achieved in Croydon for CF. She has organised balls, campaign action days and rounded up her troops to help me out. She is a real trooper and has always put the needs of her members first- even if that means negotiating with me and other MPs to pay the bar bill after a day's campaigning !"

Richard and I at one of the Croydon balls that organised a few years ago

Eastbourne CF branch endorses me

Chairman of Eastbourne CF branch Tom Liddiard offers his support to my campaign. Eastbourne are a small branch, situated on the coast in the South East of England. He said: "I am pleased to support Clare in her campaign and wish her the best of luck in the election. She has the ideas to improve CF and I especially like how she wants to bring back the Annual CF Awards Ceremony as it will encourage members to do more for their branches."

"I hope that everyone in the South East supports her as she has got the experience, ideas and drive to implement her pledges."

Where's my ballot....

I've had dozens of emails from supporters asking where their ballot papers are. I still have not received mine and this is the advice that I'm being told.....

An email ballot was sent out to all members last Thursday who joined via the CF website. If you joined via your local association (like me!) then they should have given a list to CCHQ with all of their members aged 30 and below as requested by CCHQ several months ago. The ballot papers have been posted and if you don't have yours by tomorrow then please contact Alan Mabbutt on:

UPDATE @ 11.30am: Get your local Association to contact Alan and he can proceed from there....

Monday, 13 September 2010

Bromsgrove CF DC Andy Hatton endorses me

Deputy Chairman of Bromsgrove CF branch, Andy Hatton has outlined his reasons as to why he and Bromsgrove CF support me: "I have known Clare for a number of years and her enthusiasm and determination in Conservative politics is well known. She has been an active campaigner for many years and always gets everyone to turn up. I fully support her for this role and hope that she succeeds." 

Bromsgrove CF is attached to their local association and if you want to get involved with them then please click here

Bromsgrove CF at a fund-raising BBQ

Neil Cropper: HUCF must back Hilley

Former President of Hull Conservative Future branch, Neil Cropper is supporting me for the Deputy Chair Membership role. As well as voting for me he is also encouraging the current President Matt Jones and his team of HUCF to support me. He said: “I am pleased to back Clare for the role of DC Membership as I believe that she has the experience and ideas to move CF forward. Her proposal to introduce a Members Forum and bring back CF Awards are excellent as it will incentivise all of the HUCF members as sometimes we feel isolated up here! As she was Chairman of LCF I know that she understands how Northern branches feel and is prepared to speak out for them.”

I welcome Neil’s kind words and thank him for voting for me. I agree with him about HUCF and other Northern branches who sometimes feel quite isolated which is why I am pledging to hold National Events across the different regions.

For more information please look at my pledge page.

Neil Crooper and other HUCF members celebrating VE Day

Sunday, 12 September 2010

My Commitment to You

This weekend has been a busy one! It’s been great speaking to CF members across the country and thank you to you all for voting for me already.

Today I launched my campaign video so please give this to your friends who have still yet to vote and keep reminding them that we all need to work together to keep CF moving forward.

If you haven’t done so already then please click here to join my campaign page: Hilley 4 DC

We’ve got a lot more endorsements coming out this week so it’s going to be another busy one!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Cllr Stephen Hodgson Supports me

Chairman of Loughborough CF, Cllr Stephen Hodgson has declared his support for me saying, "I would encourage all of our branch members and those in our region to vote for Clare as she helped us during the general election campaign. She has determination, the experience and knowledge to progress CF further. She is a dedicated campaigner and always does it with a smile. I fully support her candidacy and urge you to do the same."

Campaigning with Loughborough CF during the election with Nicky Morgan MP

Friday, 10 September 2010

Regional Chairman Elect Nic Clark Supports me

Nic Clark, the new Regional Chairman in London has pledged his support to me. He said: "I am honoured to be the next Chairman of London CF and would like to pay tribute to Clare Hilley who has been an excellent London Chairman. It is only through the hard work of herself and her committee that there are very strong foundations for us to build on now. I happily endorse Clare in her campaign to be the next Deputy Chairman Membership and believe that, with her experience, she will be a a great asset to Conservative Future."

I wish Nic the best of luck with his new role that he takes on from the beginning of October.

Future London CF Chairman Nic Clark on his 'Boris Bike'!

Lets hope our hustings doesn't come to this...!!

This video is absolutely priceless and I hope that if we have hustings over the next few weeks then the candidates don't end up making speeches like Phil Davidson, a Republican in tark County, Ohio who was running for Treasurer of the Committee last night.

Why I'm backing Boris Again

I received an email off Boris Johnson today explaining why he is standing for second term as Mayor in 2012. I fully support him as believe that he has been an outstanding Mayor for London, tackling crime and making our capital city great once again. Under Red Ken's incompetent and out of tune administration London was chaotic and as taxpayers we were even paying for Ken's cronies promotions at City Hall- even Labour GLAM accused him of 'cronyism'!

Ken ran London for eight long years and for a while it seemed like a Conservative victory would be impossible.

As London South Area Chairman during this period I supported Boris Johnson and his campaign team, throughout the election period. We campaigned across London for Boris and for GLA Members too. We were ecstatic when he won on 1 May 2008.

I've put together a montage of me and the team campaigning and also at the Boris Victory Party in Millbank on the night that we found out he won!

Under Boris and his team London is making huge strides forward and as Conservative Future activists we cannot allow Ken to get in and wreck it again.

I will be working hard with Boris and his team to ensure Conservative Future action teams are delivering real support and value to the campaign.

I fully and wholeheartedly support Boris for 2012 and I hope that you will join me by signing up to support him here:

Chairman of City of Bath CF Jack Whalley endorses me

Jack Whalley who is the Chairman of the City of Bath CF branch that encompasses both universities and city members endorses me. He has also thrown his hat into the ring for Regional Chairman of South West CF:

"I have the pleasure of endorsing Clare Hilley in her campaign to become the next Membership Deputy Chairman. She has the proven skills, determination and ability needed to help Conservative Future keep growing whilst maintaining its spot at the forefront of British Politics."

Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire AC Alex Agius offers me his support

Area Chairman for Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire Alex Agius encouraged me to stand a few weeks ago and was pleased when my nomination was accepted by CCHQ. He said: "Clare has been involved with CF for as long as I can remember and cares deeply about it. Clare has the experience, passion and the ability to get things done along with a track record of success that in my mind simply makes her the best candidate for the job. I encourage all of the branches within my area to vote for Clare as she has the experience, knowledge and passion to progress CF."

Area Chairman Alex Agius with CF Members in Parliament visiting Bernard Jenkins MP

Why you should vote for me on CF website

Conservative Future have put up my statement on why I'm standing. Read it in full here:

I just want to thank everyone so far for all of their messages of support- I really appreciate it. Thank you also to those for encouraging me to stand- you know who you are!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Regional Chairman Grant Tucker for Wales Supports me

Welsh Regional Chairman Grant Tucker met me at the London CF farewell party on Monday night and offered me his support. We had an excellent long chat, along with his friend Andrew about the part that Wales CF can play nationally and also in the upcoming Welsh Assembly elections. He listened to my ideas and was really positive about them and said: "I have met Clare this evening and as well as being 'normal' in CF she has greatly improved our organisation in the North West and London, bringing bags of energy and enthusiasm with it. I fully support her election campaign and believe that she can do the same on a national scale and look forward to working with her in the future if we're both elected."

Regional Chairman Grant Tucker and Lady Thatcher

CCHQ are emailing ballot papers

Word has just got to me that CCHQ are emailing out ballot papers to members who they have got on their database. As we all know there are three ways on joining CF as a member:

1) Through your local association
2) Via the CF website
3) Through a CF branch

The CCHQ database is soley comprised of members who joined via the CF website. As I joined through my local association I am still awaiting my ballot paper....

I wonder if I'll get it......

Cllr James Bird of Birmingham CF and City Branch offers his Support

Cllr James Bird; the youngest Councillor in Birmingham; one of the members of Birmingham CF and also currently trying to rejuvenate Birmingham City Branch offers his support to me. He said: "I have known Clare for a number of years and she has always offered me help and advice during this time. She is an excellent campaigner and has a strong record of putting members first- not just in London but across the whole of the UK. I am proud to back her as a candidate for the position of Deputy Chair Membership and wish her every success."

North West Regional Chairman David Bonner Supports me

Current and future Regional Chairman and for the North West, David Bonner congratulated me on putting my name forward for Deputy Chairman Membership. He said: "Clare has done fantastic work for Conservative Future in various capacities over many years. As Clare and I are both former chair persons of Lancaster Conservative Future, I know of her tremendous achievements in the North West during her time at University in Lancaster. Clare has continued to show the same commitment to Conservative Future during her time as Chair of London Conservative Future and I am confident that she will show the same dedication to the Deputy Chair Membership role. I am therefore happy to give Clare my full support and wish her the best of luck for the remainder of the campaign."

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

James Wharton MP has just offered his support...

Another endorsement has just dropped into my inbox. At 26 years of age James Wharton MP is one of the youngest MP's that has ever entered the House of Commons. We should be very proud that another one of our Conservative Future members got elected as an MP in May as they can represent our interests to the Parliamentary Party. He said: "Clare has a track record of commitment to the Party and to CF, I have no hesitation supporting her candidature and believe she will be an excellent Deputy Chairman for Membership, bringing drive, enthusiasm and experience to the role."

James Wharton MP on the TV reflecting after his win!

Lancashire Supports me

Yesterday Area Chairman for Lancashire Tom Currie dropped me a line to say how pleased he was that I was standing for Deputy Chair Membership as he remembers the invaluable work that I did in Lancashire when I was Area Chairman. He said: "I give Clare my full support and am pleased that she decided to go for this position. As a previous LCF Chairman and past Area Chairman for Lancashire, Clare recognises that CF needs to be more focused outside London and has helped us grow enormously over the last few years since her departure. Her policy idea of creating a Member's Forum will help all branches across the UK become stronger."

Area Chairman Tom Currie campaigning hard for Eric Ollenshaw MP

Andrew Griffiths MP Backs me

Last night Andrew Griffiths MP attended the London CF farewell drinks at the Red Lion and was delighted that I had put my name forward for the Membership DC role. He said: "During my campaign Clare and her team provided invaluable support to me through their GenEVA sessions and she also managed to get a dozen of them together for a weekend of campaigning up in Burton. I wholeheartedly give Clare my full support and hope that she is successful."
Andrew Griffiths MP having a pint with Coronations Street's Ken Barlow.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Campaign Continues

Had a great night tonight with the London CF members in our old haunt 'The Red Lion' just outside Parliament! A special thanks to the team in Wales and Philip from Birmingham for coming down to meet us all. Craig Cox and Ben Howlett made a special guest appeareance along with Grant Tucker who is standing against Zahid Raja in Wales.

Got a lot more endorsements that will put up tomorrow- it's been a busy night!

London CF celebrating at the beginning of the night!

The final exit....

Tonight I am hosting a London CF farewell party for the committee as they have done an excellent job since taking office and deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. Since our launch on 15 January, 2009 we have:

- Campaigned in the European, local and general elections.
- Have opened six new branches across London
- Have increased our membership to over 1,000 members
- Hosted 30 full campaign days in marginal seats such as; Hammersmith, Tooting, Eltham, Watford, Croydon Central and Lewisham.
- Created Tuesday GenEVA general election sessions from September 2009 to May 2010 and hosted 58 of
these to help constituencies such as; Burton, Hereford, Dudley and Westminster.
- Have hosted campaign weekends where we left London in a mini-bus to campaign for a PPC (now MP) in marginal seats across the UK.
- Held quarterly drinks events and celebratory parties.

I feel very proud tonight at what we have achieved over the last eighteen months as it was a new position and there was no guidance given to me at all. I had the help of an excellent committee who worked with me well and when we launched in January 2009 we had over 200 people attend and Eric Pickles & Liam Fox gave speeches.

I hope to see you all tonight so that we can say a final farewell to the London CF Committee and a big welcome to the new incoming committee.

Daventry CF Supports me

Daventry CF, just down the road from Rugby contacted me last night to say that they would be pledging their support to me. James Knight from this small, merry branch said: "We have got a small branch here and regularly meet in our local pub to socialise, catch up and organise campaign sessions with our Councillors. Clare's idea to hold a Member's Forum would be great for us as it would give us new ways to recruit new members."

Daventry CF enjoying themselves at a karaoke night!

Dartford CF Supports me

Dartford CF branch Chairman Peter Cannon contacted me last night to pledge his support for my candidacy. The branch worked really hard in the general election to help secure Gareth Johnson MP's victory by over 10,000 votes. Previously we lost this marginal seat by 886 votes in the 2005 election. This shows how CF branches have made the difference across the country in marginal seats that we gained in May.

He said: "With her track record of tirelessly campaigning across the country and her strong Conservative beliefs, Clare Hilley is the best possible candidate for Deputy Chair, and she will be able to make Conservative Future an even stronger movement. I can think of no-one better."

Dartford CF campaigning for Gareth Johnson MP and Dartford CF Chairman
Peter Cannon enjoying the World Cup!!

First Few Endorsements....

The Endorsements just keep on coming at the moment and it hasn't even been 24 hours yet!

First up to back me is Chris Kelly MP who was on the National Executive a few years ago. He says: "I was delighted when Clare put her name forward for the Deputy Chair Membership role as she helped me with my general election campaign in Dudley South by organising GenEVA sessions at CCHQ. These were attended by up to thirty people that she managed to persuade to come along with only a few days notice. I am pleased to give her my endorsement and wish her the best of luck in the elections."

Second up is Cllr Nick Vaughan, former CF Chair from 2005-06. He says:
"I have known Clare for the last five years and she has always worked tirelessly hard for CF. She always has a smile on her face and has recruited hundreds of members over the years."

Third up is Robert Askey, ex Mayor of Croydon and currently Deputy Chair of Croydon CF. He says: "I am really pleased that Clare threw her hat into the ring for this position. She has been an outstanding branch Chairman in Croydon and an excellent addition to the Council chamber in Croydon. We will all be voting for our favourite Croydonian!"

Initial response

Yesterday as soon as TBG released this article: 
my phone has not stopped ringing!

Activists from across the UK including branch, area and regional chairman have offered me their support as well as members who I have not even met yet. Thank you to you all for encouraging me to stand and supporting me yesterday. I do hope that I can live up to your expectations of what CF should be.

This blog will be frequently updated with details of the campaign and feel free to contact me with any story that you would like me to put up here.

Friends who I haven't caught up with in years have told me that I've got their support and a few were disappointed that they are now over the age to vote! Joking aside I am determined to fight a strong campaign and wish all of the other candidates standing against me and for other positions the best of luck over the next few weeks.

Monday, 6 September 2010

The Big Day….

Today I visited Millbank Tower to deliver my nomination paper to Conservative Central Office. As you may already know, I’ve decided to stand for Deputy Chair, Membership. Over the years I have watched CF grow into a fantastic organisation and whilst travelling across the UK I have met hundreds of CF activists at campaign days, social events and fundraising events. Even though we were on the campaign trail most of the time during the European, local and general elections our members were passionate, enthusiastic and committed to the Conservative party and our cause. Our membership is the reason that I am standing as they are the lifeblood of our party and they always deserve our support.