Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Chris Kelly's actual words....

Sorry for another post about Chris Kelly MP's support for me but he contacted me today with the reasons as to why he's supporting me as he wants to let CF members know across the country why they should vote for me.

So as well as outlining his views on social media site twitter he also wants to tell members why they should Vote Hilley: "Clare is a doer not a talker. I have known her since she was a teenager and she has been a committed, energetic campaigner for our cause since that time. Clare marshaled dozens of CFers to make hundreds of telephone canvassing calls from the GenEVA call centre at CCHQ to swing voters in Dudley North & Dudley South. This data enabled us to better target my campaign at ledges and made a real contribution to the size of my majority. I send my thanks to Clare and without hesitation urge you all to vote for her for Deputy Chairman Membership."

Me and Nic Clarke at one of Chris Kelly's GenEVA sessions

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