Friday, 30 September 2011

What Conservative Future has achieved over the last year

Today it is one year since Conservative Future began a new term of office and what a great year it has been. Our main achievements so far have been:

-      The formation of 80 extra branches across the UK leading to a total of 290 which is more than Labour and the Liberal Democrats
-      Power has devolved down to Regional Chairman across the UK who have held a series of political, campaigning, fund-raisers and social action projects in their respective areas
-       The creation of a national CF database with Lord Feldman’s guidance and help
-       The formation of Northern Ireland Conservative Future
-       Rewarding Conservative Future members though the National Excellence Awards
-       The Prime Minister hosting a reception for all CF Branch, Area and Regional Chairman who helped to contribute towards the creation of our database
-       Providing campaigning support to the No to AV group that was victorious
-       Working with our sister parties internationally especially IYDU
-       Launching high profile campaigns such as #iwantafreeschool and ‘Facts on Fees’
-       Four Young Professional branches set up in London, Yorkshire, Birmingham and Manchester with guest speakers including high-profile politicians and business leaders
-       Engaging more in social action events including sending out activists to Project Umubano

This list is just a snapshot of what we’ve achieved this year and there have been many, many more. We could not have done it without the tireless support from our membership. The majority of members that I have met this year are passionate, enthusiastic and committed to the Conservative cause.

We are looking forward to conference and are looking forward to seeing everyone at our reception and fringe events that we are hosting. Click here for more details.

To read Ben Howlett’s analysis of the past year please click here

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