Monday, 26 September 2011

Wear Your Poppy With Pride Campaign

For the last decade my family and I have been knocking on doors in Purley selling poppies in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday. The British Legion's Poppy Appeal honours the immense contribution of those who gave their lives in both world wars and since then, in other conflicts around the world. Since losing my friend in a gun battle against the Taleban in Helmand in December 2006, this day has become all the more poignant for me and gives me a chance to reflect on the current servicemen in action in conflict zones around the world. The Poppy Appeal also plays a vital role in highlighting the needs of ex-servicemen and women who require help and care after their years of active service.

With this in mind it probably would not surprise you how dismayed I was when Harriet Phipps contacted me about her campaign, Wear Your Poppy With Pride. Last year whilst Harriet was at work she was asked by her employer to remove her poppy on two occasions. Harriet initially refused and felt upset, pressurised and confused. When she asked why she was informed that it wasn't part of her shop uniform and therefore was not company policy. She has set up a petition to amend the law and wants to get over 100,000 signatures so that it is debated in the chamber.

Please click here to sign it

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