Sunday, 11 September 2011

We Must Stand Firm in the War on Terror

Ten years have passed since over three thousand innocent people were massacred in a series of brutal terrorist attacks designed to divide and destroy our way of live. The victims were from all backgrounds, cultures and ethnic groups – a fact which symbolised that Al Qaeda’s terrorism is aimed at all innocents, regardless of their faith. Back then, the world was united in taking down this brutal terrorist leader and dismantling the corrupt and cruel Taliban regime.

In that time, events such as the war in Iraq, the insurgency, ongoing military casualties have shaken public opinion in battling against the war on terror. When you see anti-war banners being waved and mass protests calling on our troops to come home, it’s sometimes easy to forget what they are out their fighting for. Today is a reminder of that cause, and one which none of us should ever, ever forget.

Many hundreds of British troops have given their lives to liberate the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan. The battles have indeed been challenging, with a huge loss of military and civilian life that have knocked public opinion and triggered many people to turn against the efforts of our brave soldiers. But now one can argue that we world is better place without Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

We must stand shoulder to shoulder with our American cousins in this time of remembrance. The special relationship must endure and we must stand firm in the war on terror. Today we remember the thousands of innocent civilians whose only crime was to go into work on September 11th, 2001. Although the road ahead poses many more challenges, we must come together and face this menace together.

If we forget why we are fighting this war, then we dishonour the thousands of innocent people who lost their lives ten years ago.

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