Monday, 8 August 2011

Zero Tolerance for the Thugs who Tried and Failed to Destroy Croydon

Listening to grieving shop owners telling reporters on Sky News about being forced to watch mindless thugs loot, destroy and burn their family businesses to the ground was a heartbreaking experience. You have to wonder what kind of people would cause such destruction, and take so much pleasure in the suffering of innocent people. Today our wonderful town was attacked by a handful of disgusting thugs who saw it their duty to terrify residents, throw rocks at Police and set fire to historical buildings – some of them over 100 years old.

It’s clear in this scenario that these people cannot be reasoned with. They do not understand or care for the welfare of others. If anything, the destruction of other people’s livelihoods is there only vocation, as unlike most people they do not get out of bed to go to work. Hopefully, they will be severely punished for the harm they have caused our town and will have chance to reflect on their actions behind bars in a cold, damp prison cell for a lengthy period of time.

A photo taken by a friend who lives opposite Reeves Corner
Croydon’s residents will rise up from the ashes of today’s mindless riots and get our town back on track. But for the local shops and terrified victims who have lost their homes it will be a long time before they can even begin to get over the devastation.

Today, mindless thugs tried and failed to destroy our town. Now it’s up to our community to pull together and help the victims of this carnage to rebuild their lives.  

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  1. Community service won't be enough for them...