Thursday, 18 August 2011

Charles & Camilla Visit Croydon

Yesterday, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall cut their summer holiday short in Scotland to visit Croydon in the aftermath of the riots.

Their visit came as it was announced by the government that they would give £20m of investment to Croydon, kick-starting economic growth and regeneration. It is estimated that over 200 businesses were affected by the riots in Croydon so this investment has been well received by local residents and community leaders.

Charles and Camilla walked along London Road and met local residents and business owners who had lost their homes and businesses because of the riots. They were greeted with cheers and local residents described the couple as ‘kind and concerned.’
After a day of visiting areas in London that had been affected by the riots, the price spoke frankly about the problem of gang culture saying: "I still think half the problem is that people join gangs because it is a cry for help, the fact they're looking for a framework, a sense of belonging, and a meaning.

"What's been so lacking is that sort of opportunity to allow people to be motivated and encouraged, and frankly exhausted because that's what you really want at that age."

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