Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cameron gets tough

From the Conservative Party's bulletin:

"People should be in no doubt, we will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain's streets and to make them safe for law abiding citizens. We completely condemn the scenes that we have seen on our television screens and in our communities. These are sickening scenes. This is criminality pure and simple. It has to be confronted and defeated. We are on the side of the law abiding people who are appalled by what has happens in their own communities. We needed a fight back - and a fight back is underway.

Police officers have shown incredible bravery confronting the thugs. Since yesterday there are more police on the street. More people have been arrested. And more people are being charged and prosecuted. Last night there were around 16,000 police on the streets of London, and there is evidence that a more robust approach to policing in London resulted in a much quieter night across the capital. But there is absolutely no room for complacency and there is much more to be done. Full contingency planning is going ahead. Whatever resources the police need - they will get. Whatever tactics the police feel they need to employ - they will have legal backing to do so. We will do whatever is necessary to restore law and order onto our streets.

We have a very clear message for those who are responsible for this wrongdoing and criminality - you will feel the full force of the law. If you are old enough to commit these crimes, you are old enough to face the punishment. Today major police operations are underway to arrest the criminals who were not picked up last night but who were picked up on CCTV. Picture by picture these criminals are being identified and arrested.

The root cause of this mindless selfishness is a complete lack of responsibility in parts of our society: people allowed to feel that the world owes them something, that their rights outweigh their responsibilities, and that their actions do not have consequences. Well they do have consequences. We are determined to restore a stronger sense of responsibility across our society.

Tomorrow Cobra will meet again and the Cabinet will meet. The Prime Minister will make a statement to parliament. But today right now the priority is still clear. We will take every action necessary to bring order back to our streets."

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