Thursday, 5 May 2011


Today in the first nationwide referendum for 36 years the nation has a chance to defend One Person, One Vote.

Even though the latest ComRes poll for The Independent gives the NO2AV campaign a 32 point lead among people who have made up their minds, voters need still to be encouraged to get to their polling station and vote NO today.

Five reasons why:

COMPLEXITY- Current system, First Past the Post is so simple it can be summed up in 7 words: the person with the most votes wins

UNFAIR- Under First Past the Post everyone gets one vote and that vote is counted once which is fair. Under AV, supporters of fringe parties can get their votes counted again and again which is unfair. It’s not right that the fifth vote of a Monster Raving Looney supporter counts as much as someone’s first vote.

GIVING YOUR POWER TO POLITICIANS- Under AV it takes power away from people and gives it to politicians. Under our current system we can vote out governments as in 1979 and last year. Under AV this is less likely and would give more opportunities for tired politicians to cling onto power long after their time.

COST- Current system is cheap to administer and under AV it will no doubt cost more and bring extra bureaucracy with it.

UNPOPULAR- First Past the Post is used by half the planet including India and America. AV is used in just three countries: Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. 


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