Monday, 16 May 2011

Having a baby- A Privilege or a Right?

On Wednesday 18th May the Conservative Women's Organisation is hosting another forum discussion on whether having a baby is a privilege or a right.

Guest speakers include Dr Daniel Poulter MP who before he entered parliament was a previous NHS doctor specialising in obstetrics, gynaecology and women's health and Lord Howard Flight who was an MP until 2005.

CWO provide this info about the discussion: 

With available and developing medical technology, there are more chances of couples previously unable to have children (e.g. homosexuals, post-menopausal women and medically barren couples) to be able to assist nature. Should everyone have free access to pregnancy assistance? Every day, children are removed from abusive parents and become wards of court. Should certain groups or individuals be prevented from having children?

Come along and join in the discussion!

To RSVP please email to register your attendance. 

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