Saturday, 7 May 2011

Thank You

On behalf of Conservative Future I’d like to say a big thank you to all activists across the country who have been campaigning tirelessly hard over the last six months.

We have had an solid set of results for what was always going to be a tough set of elections and we should be very proud of what we’ve achieved. The Conservative Party fielded council candidates in 94% of the seats up for election in England which was the largest of any political party.

I know that there are CF members across the country who stood as candidates so congratulations to those of you that won and commiserations to those that did not but remember that there is always next time.

Our vote share held up throughout England and we even gained seats across local councils such as Dartford where we gained 5 seats to Labour’s loss of 3.

The country nationwide also voted a resounding NO in the AV referendum. Turnout was higher than expected with 42% of the vote and with over 13 million people across the UK voting against it, AV was rejected by a 70% vote share to a YES vote share of just 30%

These results prove that the government is on track with their three main priorities in the first half of this year, growth, aspiration and modernising public services.

Speaking at CCHQ our Prime Minister said:
“The Conservative vote share has held up and I think that is because Conservative councils and councillors have done a good job up and down the country providing quality services and keeping their costs and their tax bills under control.”

In an open letter to all Conservative activists across the UK, our Co-Chairman Baroness Warsi said:
“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work over this election campaign.
Having spent the last few months touring the country, meeting thousands of you and taking part in your campaigns, I have seen at first hand the effort you have all put in and I am proud to be part of a party which has such devoted activists.
Because of your determination, dedication and drive our campaign has only got stronger as we have taken our message to the country: don't let Labour do to your Council what they did to our Country.
Above all, these elections were all about protecting a core British belief, an idea that has been the bedrock of our democracy for many years: One Person, One Vote. The campaign against AV is something that I am very passionate about and although we won't know the final results until later this evening, I can tell you now we have fought a strong, principled and proud campaign.
Once again thank you on behalf of everyone in the Conservative party for making every second count in this campaign.”

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