Wednesday, 13 April 2011

NO2AV Poster Launch this morning

For those that missed it, the NO2AV campaign launched these posters:

Kenneth Clarke MP said: 'The AV referendum on May 5th is extremely important for the future of our country. First Past The Post embodies the key principle behind our democracy, the principle of One Person, One Vote.

'The Alternative Vote will put an end to this and could create a system in which the candidate who comes in third might be declared the winner. We wouldn't have stood for this after Saturday's Grand National and why should we?

'People have a right to know what AV will mean for them - adopting it on May 5th will lead to a voting system which is unfair, processes that are unclear, and politics that is unaccountable. We should not be gambling with our democratic system and that is why I am urging people across the country to vote no on May 5th.'

To get involved and help out please contact your local Conservative Association as NO2AV street stalls will be held across the country this Saturday 16th April.

If you don't know where your local Conservative Association is then please contact me at: 

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