Monday, 18 April 2011

Cameron: AV would be a backward step for our country- we must not let that happen

Today, David Cameron shared a stage with former Labour Home Secretary John Reid to set out why we should vote No to AV.

David Cameron and Lord Reid don't agree on much. But they do, absolutely, agree on this. AV would be wrong for Britain. It is obscure, unfair and expensive. It will mean that people who come third in elections can end up winning. It will make our politics less accountable and it would be a backward step for our country.

That's why David Cameron and Lord Reid are sharing this platform today. They're part of a wide coalition of people - from across political parties and from none, of seasoned campaigners and people who have never been involved in political campaigns, of sportsmen and women, scientists and historians, of young and old who have come together because we are united and agreed about one thing: Britain should say No to AV.

There are three big problems with AV that strike at the heart of how we believe our democracy should work. First, we believe power should lie with the people - and AV would take some of that power away. Second, we believe there should be real accountability between the pledges politicians put in their manifestos and the action they take in government. AV would damage that chain of accountability. And third, we believe in the principle of one person, one vote. And AV will mean the votes of some people get counted more than others.

Their joint message to the British people: 

"Yes, this referendum is about the voting system we use. But it goes further than that: It's about the kind of country we are, about the democracy we have. It really is simple: If you want a system that lets you, as the Americans say, 'throw the rascals out'. If you want a system that makes our politicians accountable. If you want a system that enshrines the principle of one person, one vote. You must vote on May 5th, and you must vote No to AV.

The biggest danger right now is that Britain sleepwalks into this second-rate system, waking up on May 6th with a voting system that damages our democracy permanently. We must not let that happen. So get out there and fight, and get out there and win."

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