Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A belated Happy Easter...

I hope that you all had a good Easter break and were not campaigning too hard!!

With only one more bank holiday weekend to go before May 5th CF activists across the UK are canvassing the phones and streets hard.

Next Thursday sees a total of 279 local authorities in England going to the polls with the composition as follows:

- 36 Metropolitan Boroughs
- 49 Unitary authorities
- 194 Second-tier districts
- 26 district councils in Northern Ireland

79% of the total number of voters in England will be able to vote and it will be a first test for both the Coalition Government and the Opposition party.

Elections will be held on the same day for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.

I know that CF members across the UK in their respective regions, counties and local areas are working hard but it's not over yet so keep up the good work and lets have something to celebrate on May 6th!

As I am in London we are busy helping out our Conservative friends who are standing as Council Candidates in outer London boroughs and are also tirelessly pounding the streets for the AV referendum. 

I am campaigning hard with the NO to AV campaign as are my fellow Croydon Labour Councillors which is very interesting!

The whole country will be able to vote in the referendum and it is crucial that we get a NO vote. 

So keep up the good work and I will let you know when our post-campaigning party will be to celebrate our successes. 

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