Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Conservative Future at Downing Street

Last Monday, 120 Conservative Future activists were invited to Downing Street so that the Prime Minister could thank them for their campaigning efforts before and since the 2010 general election.

This event was a culmination of lobbying over the last few years by Ben Howlett and myself. When we were elected to National Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Conservative Future in September 2010 our organisation was described as the 'black sheep' of the Conservative Party. Since then Conservative Future has undergone substantial changes, resulting in Conservative Future being a more professional, efficient and respected movement. 

A big thank you to Party Co-Chairman Sayeeda Warsi and Vice-Chairman of CF Andrew Stephenson MP for believing in us and to Ben Howlett who has worked closely with them throughout his Chairmanship, culminating in this reception.

Lastly a HUGE congrats to all of the Conservative Future activists who have campaigned in the rain, wind or snow enabling David Cameron to be in No. 10. We may have a Coalition Government but at least it's Conservative-led!

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