Monday, 30 July 2012

Can Women Shatter the Glass Celling?

Last Friday Conservative Future Women hosted a joint debate with the Conservative Future Policy Forum on the challenges of seeing more women in senior leadership positions in business. We were lucky to have a distinguished panel of top females including:

- Claire Noyce (CEO of Hybridan)
- Marina Yannakoudakis (London MEP)
- Susan Greenwood (Destiny CIC)
- Natalie Campbell (CEO of A Very Good Company)

The debate was chaired by Conservative Future Women's Policy Director Elizabeth Anderson and all of the panel agreed that aspiration and education were key to empowering women to achieve. After a lively debate between the panel and the floor of approximately 50 people Elizabeth concluded by asking the panel what practical methods women can 'shatter the glass celling' including:

- Change your own view of success
- Don't wait for others to make it happen
- Look out for opportunities to join boards of even local and social enterprises
- Be confident when pitching for investment for business ventures
- Make sure that you have the skills that are needed- not technical or hard but soft skills such as communication and inter-personal skills

Well done to our panelists for their expertise, Elizabeth for chairing so efficiently and our audience for participating so enthusiastically!

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Conservative Future Women's next event will be a networking skills event in September 2012. Look here for more details.

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