Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Pro-Business Budget for Working People

The Chancellor, George Osborne has promised that next Wednesday’s budget will be one for working people. It is entirely right that during times of austerity that this Conservative-led Government helps hardworking families who are struggling to make ends meet. That’s why in Croydon we have frozen Council tax rates for the next twelve months, providing much needed relief for working families who deserve help to ease the suffering of Labour’s toxic legacy of debt.

If we seriously want to kick-start our economy, then this budget also needs to be pro-business. The UK needs to enable and encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs and help international organisations to open up offices and warehouses over here to create jobs and generate wealth. Currently, Britain’s ludicrously high tax rates are a warning sign for outside investors, and decisive action needs to be taken to send a signal that we are open for business.

Currently, 27pc of the businesses surveyed by Ernst & Young said they see the top rate of income tax as a ‘deterrent to increasing the size of their business in the UK.’ These figures should serve as a stark wakeup call for anyone wanting job creation to flourish in our country, getting people back into work.

As part of this action plan, today’s papers suggest a change to the Sunday trading laws during the Olympics to kick-start the retail sector. This proposed measure will undoubtedly be met with opposition from several other areas of society, but is something that must be done. As our country struggles to break free from the shackles of Labour’s debts, any opportunity for longer store hours, with more opportunity for working people to make money must be offered.

Osborne has a tough challenge ahead, and will undoubtedly be met with strong opposition and attacks from the Unions and Labour. But this budget is designed to help working people by kick starting the economy and encouraging private sector growth in our country. This Government must stay on course, keep helping working families and continue to reduce the deficit. Any diversion from this tough, but correct strategy could end in disaster.

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