Sunday, 4 March 2012

Boris Brightens Up Croydon, Again

Yesterday Croydon was once again treated to a visit from London Mayor Boris Johnson, who was on fine form. Since last summer’s riots, the Conservative Council has worked closely with GLA member Steve O'Connell and Gavin Barwell MP to rebuild our town and get things up and running and Boris has been with us every step of the way.

With a slick new haircut and a smile, Boris was looking energetic and excited as he met the crowds of supporters through the town centre. He greeted local shop workers, owners of small businesses and shoppers through the centre and posed for a few family snaps with members of the local community.

As one resident said to me on the tour, “He’s been here many times before.” This is indeed true, as Boris has shown his commitment to our town time and time again, making regular visits and securing unprecedented levels of funding.

As someone who was born in Croydon, it’s heart-warming to see how the Mayor has developed a soft spot for our town. Having such strong support and recognition from the Mayor is an asset to all of us, and four more years of this would be a huge asset to all of us.

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