Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Jeremy Hunt, CF Chairmen Training Day, CF Christmas Party & Campaign Day....

Over the last week Conservative Future has hosted a reception with Jeremy Hunt as part of our ‘Meet the Cabinet’ events, a CF Chairmen’s Training Day, our National CF Christmas Party and a campaign day in Feltham & Heston!

Ben, Jeremy and myself
Last Monday Jeremy Hunt MP spoke passionately about delivering the Olympics on time next year and how the government is supporting young people in the sporting sector.

On Saturday we hosted our second CF Chairmen's Training Day where over 60 CF Chairmen representing the Regions, Areas and CF Branches in England, Wales and Northern Ireland turned up.

We had a jam-packed agenda with workshops and speeches from Ministers, CCHQ staff, party Chairmen’s office and the BackBoris2012 Campaign Team.

Lynton Crosby from the BackBoris Team spoke very eloquently about tactics and strategy ahead of next year’s Mayoral election. They are holding a student bootcamp tomorrow so click here to attend

It was great to hear from our members about how they feel this year has gone in their respective areas and the challenges that lie ahead over the next year.

A few of us posing with Jeremy Hunt!
We all learnt a lot about the party’s direction and future over the next few years. CCHQ told us that it was the first time in a number of years that they were relying on us to provide help with the party’s new campaigns for the coming year as well as debating ad providing policy solutions ahead of the 2015 election.

It was great to see so many people who had travelled from across the UK and I look forward to regions holding their own training days next year.

After the Training Day we left for our Christmas Party in Soho where a few of us dressed up in Santa Claus and Mrs Claus costumes and danced the night away!

CF Chairmen 
With little sleep and bleary eyes CFers met for breakfast and then headed to Feltham & Heston to campaign for our candidate Mark Bowen.

If you have any spare time over the next few weeks to support Mark Bowden then please contact: campaign.support@conservatives.com

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