Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cameron´s Bulldog Spirit Should Make us Proud to be British

David Cameron has demonstrated true courage and conviction by standing up to EU bullies to put Britain´s interests first. Despite criticism from the usual suspects and biased coverage on the BBC, Cameron has proved he is a radical Prime Minister, with a strong agenda, rejecting the ludicrous regulations that could suffocate our financial services industry. This is a great moment for our country where we rejected measures which could seriously threaten our economic prosperity, and a moment of which we should all be truly proud.

Many have been left surprised by the outcome, assuming that Cameron would simply roll over and do as he was told. But the decision to use the veto sends a clear signal to our European partners that Britain is not a country to be taken for granted or one that will give into intimidation and simply do what other leaders want.
The outcome of this decision is that Cameron returns home a Conservative hero, but he must now stand firm on his decision. It is deeply disappointing that the BBC´s coverage of a British triumph has been painted as a disaster across the airwaves. But he cannot allow this bias to force him to change course.

As Cameron stands firm as the British Bulldog, it is nothing short of embarrassing to see the the small puppy Ed Miliband attempting to nip at his feet. So weak is the leader of the opposition´s statement on the issue, it hardly warrants a mention in the press. Miliband has managed to shift from confused to simply annoying in a very short space of time.

This is a stark wake up call for those with fluid political convictions who left the Conservative Party and Conservative Future before the full facts had been established. Remaining loyal to your fellow Tories is a core value that we must all maintain if our party is to deliver on its promises. Now the wind is blowing in a different direction, don´t be surprised if you hear a timid knock knock on the door in the coming months.

This British victory also opens the door for a new, more collaborative approach for Conservative Future and external groups. As I´ve long believed, our organisation can be strengthened by working together with our fellow partners for events, speaking and training of our activists of the future. Now is the time for like-minded Conservatives to come together and send a clear signal that the British Bulldog is back.

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