Monday, 7 March 2011

Project Green Fingers

On Friday a large group of London tories embarked the train from London Paddington to Cardiff for the annual Spring Forum....

Our first task was to check into our accommodation and then we were ready to head to our party at 33 Windsor Place. Over 60 people attended and it was great to see so many new faces from Wales, Exeter, Birmingham, Lancaster and even from Scotland. 

On Saturday after a National Convention meeting with co-party Chairman Andrew Feldman and Sayeeda Warsi we had our National Executive meeting that was very positive and are planning some excellent workshops, events and dinners over the next 6 months- which is very exciting!

We also jumped on a mini bus to St Peter's Community Hall and Garden in Fairwater to do some digging, rake some soil and lay some turf. This was a really worthwhile project and the local community were really grateful that we'd taken the time out of our schedules to come and plant some flowers, dig and lay some turf. 

After several hours laying turf we had some 'Welsh Faggots' for lunch and then went to a few receptions before our main reception on Saturday night in Cardiff Bay. This was very well attended and over 100 activists gathered to meet various MPs, MEPs and Welsh AM candidates. 

On Sunday our Prime Minister David Cameron spoke at 2pm and gave an impressive speech about how we should encourage enterprise and do "everything possible to make it easier for people to start a business to grow a businesses."

The best quote was "For Conservatives, enterprise is about more than money, more than the economics of growth and GDP. We understand that enterprise is not just about markets it's about morals too. We understand enterprise is not just an economic good, it's a social good."

At project Green Fingers!!

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