Monday, 7 March 2011

CF at the heart of Spring Forum

Conservative Future was right at the heart of Spring Forum this weekend. Hosted by the Welsh Conservatives at the SWALEC Stadium in Cardiff, Conservative activists congregated at the stadium and listened to our Ministers make policy and openly discuss how the government is working together to build a better future.

For the first time ever the party really relied on us to deliver. We hosted two evening receptions that were open to all Forum delegates and also helped to co-ordinate the Forum’s Social Action Project.

The party are now starting to take us seriously which is proven when the Annual meeting of the National Convention took place. CF delegates turned up to vote for the members of the Party Board. Congratulations to all candidates who stood Paul Swaddle who has been working with us behind the scenes in order to get our membership data sorted, Fiona Hodgson as the CF liaison Board Member, Charles Heslop helping with campaigning and Rob Semple who has supported Yorkshire extensively. Last but not least the work of Jeremy Middleton who Chairs the Strategy and Board.

After National Convention a group of us jumped on the shuttle bus and went to St Peter’s Community Hall and Garden in Fairwater to do some digging, rake some soil and lay some turf for Project Green Fingers, which was this year’s social action project. This was a really worthwhile project and the local community were really grateful that we’d taken the time out of our schedules to come and plant some flowers, dig and lay some turf.
After several hours laying turf we found an old country pub and had some ‘Welsh Rarebit’ for lunch, got changed into our party clothes as we were hosting Spring Forum’s Saturday night entertainment at Terra Nova bar in Cardiff Bay. This event lasted until the early hours and was very well attended by various MPs, MEPs, current and future Welsh AMs.
On Sunday our Prime Minister David Cameron spoke at 2pm and gave an impressive speech about how we should encourage enterprise and do “everything possible to make it easier for people to start a business to grow a businesses.”

The quote of Spring Forum was when David Cameron said “For Conservatives, enterprise is about more than money, more than the economics of growth and GDP. We understand that enterprise is not just about markets it’s about morals too. We understand enterprise is not just an economic good, it’s a social good.”

If you were not able to attend then make sure that you come to Manchester (2nd – 5th October).

Lastly a big thank you to all of the National Executive, Nicolas Clark, Sadie Vidal, Patrick Sullivan, Lauren McEvatt, Grant Tucker and to all of the Welsh AMs, candidates and MPs who donated to our reception!

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