Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Why you should vote Conservative tomorrow

Tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of Croydonians will get the chance to have their say on who should run Croydon Council for the next four years.

If I was a floating voter I would look at the record of each political party when they were in power as it provides a good indication of how they will run Croydon Council for the next four years. 

From 1994 to 2006 Labour ran Croydon and during this time they:
  • Increased council tax by 108% (real term increase)
  • Had almost the worst recycling record in the country
  • Croydon was nick-named the 'pothole capital' of the South-East
  • Over 60% of GCSE pupils did not gain 5 good GCES's, including English & Maths
  • Sold all the multi-storey car parks to NCP
Since gaining the Council in 2006, the Conservatives have:
  • Cut council tax bills and recently gave a £25 rebate to every household
  • Invested heavily in leisure facilities including Waddon leisure centre
  • Trebled recycling targets across the borough
  • Resurfaced whole stretches of roads
  • Maintained  free parking areas in district centres
  • Have improved Croydon's schools and increased standards
  • Gained and extra 117 police officers by successful lobbying
  • Reversed Croydon's decline by bringing Westfield & Hammerson to the town
These facts can only mean one thing VOTE CONSERVATIVE tomorrow so that Labour don't ruin our town again.

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