Tuesday, 26 November 2013

All Croydonians should feel proud today

An artists impression of the scheme 
Like many Croydonians last night, I was delighted that the Westfield and Hammerson's £1 billion town centre regeneration project was approved at a special meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee. 

When the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson came to Croydon in January to announce the partnership between Westfield and Hammerson I was very excited as I knew that if this project was approved then it would provide the kick start for the Borough's much-needed regeneration. 

Croydon is a diverse town with the largest population in London and with an estimated 1.2 million people a year visiting the new retail hub, the local economy will benefit enormously from the increased footfall. 

For many years, Croydon has always been chosen by large businesses as the place to house their back office staff - rather than their shiny HQ, and last nights approval will encourage businesses to move to Croydon to launch and expand their operations in our town. 

With hundreds of new shops, cafes and restaurants being built this will create thousands of new jobs and regenerate the whole area. 

There are already many entrepreneurs across the Borough formulating ideas and launching businesses who have recognised that Croydon is a perfect town to invest in so lets hope that many more businesses follow suit so that all Croydonians can be proud of our town once again.

Click here to watch a video of how Croydon will be transformed by the redevelopment

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