Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Waddon's Hidden Gem

Yesterday a long-standing friend from Waddon told me that he had never visited Waddon Ponds and had no idea where it was, when I described it as one of Waddon's hidden gems. I was very surprised by this as he lives close by in Old Town and takes his dog for daily walks at Duppas Hill. However, in case he isn't alone I have decided to write a post on Waddon Ponds as it is one of my favourite places to visit in Waddon.

The ponds are located between The Ridgeway, Waddon Court Road and Court Drive and are home to a variety of ducks that enjoy being fed with lots of bread! 

When Tony, Simon and myself re-stood for election in May 2010 we pledged to continue investing into Waddon's local parks, especially Waddon Ponds. I am delighted that we have achieved this and have improved Waddon Ponds under the Parks to be Proud of Project. 

Wandle Ponds has benefited from a number of improvements over the past few years, including:
  • Major repairs to the pond bank
  • Refurbished toilets
  • New mature shrubs
  • New benches, spring bulb and tree planting

A local resident described it as a "Home of extensive ponds centrally positioned in this hidden gem of a park- inhabited by a wide range of aquatic birds and surrounded by an ornamental garden."

Access to the park is from The Ridgeway, Waddon Court Road or Mill Lane. 

To view the variety of ducks, click here 

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