Sunday, 28 April 2013

Conservatives Continue to Build a Stronger Croydon

On Saturday, the Croydon Conservative Group met for its annual conference, which saw an array of key speakers from across the Conservative movement gather to discuss and debate policy for improving the borough. Led by Gavin Barwell MP, this year’s conference included several high profile speakers, including Tim Montgomerie from The Times, Ryan Shorthouse from Bright Blue, Charlotte Vere from Women On, Charles Tannock, MEP for London and Alok Sharma MP, one of the Conservative Party’s Vice-Chairmen. We were also joined by supporters including National Conservative Future Chairman Ben Howlett and Shaun Bailey, adviser to Downing Street.
Key topics explored in the discussions included how the Conservative Party can continue to modernise and how it can successfully deliver a majority in the election in 2015. The conference also examined how we can reach out to new supporters and galvanise existing support from our activist base. The second half of the conference included a Dragons’ Den style session, with Croydon Council Leader Cllr Mike Fisher and his team offering members of the public to pitch ideas to them to improve Croydon.
I have helped organise the Croydon Conservative conference for many years now, and I have to say that this year’s was the best ever so far. Introducing the debates, it was clear that the Conservative group is continuing to come up with the best ideas and policies to improve the borough. Our team is at its strongest ever, having delivered a state of the art leisure centre in Waddon, securing a £1billion investment to regenerate the town centre, improving Croydon’s reputation and infrastructure and putting residents first.
Croydon has a very bright future ahead, and the Conservatives are committed to further improving the quality of life for residents in our town. This year’s conference demonstrated we are still leading with the big ideas and issues that matter, in stark contrast to the confused, divided and policy-light Labour group.

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