Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pilot programme for deaf children a resounding success

Last night I was invited to watch and participate in a pilot sports project for deaf children at the newly built Waddon Leisure Centre. The project has been coordinated by James Dixon and Jonathan Moore from Croydon's newest sporting co-operative JAM Total Sport Limited (JAM) who are working in partnership with the Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment and Croydon Deaf Children's Society (CDCS). 

This multi-sport programme was developed to introduce young deaf people to exercise and team games as normally they do not get the chance to participate in main-stream team games. JAM sports coaches incorporated British Sign Language into the games and it was great to watch the children engage and participate as a team in an area of sport that they don't normally get to play. 

JAM are keen to work with other agencies and organisations to develop and design multi-sport programmes for their members as design their programmes for young people wishing to engage with sport, either as a leisure or competitive activity and who may not have found any one sport that fully meets their needs.

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