Monday, 24 December 2012

Cameron’s Religious Christmas Message Shows Britain has Regained its Confidence

David’s Cameron’s Christmas message comes at the end of one of the most patriotic and heartwarming years for our country in recent memory. In his address, it is fitting that Cameron should choose to reference our Christian heritage by using quotes from the bible, a signal of his personal faith, but also his love for Britain’s history and identity. Although those on the left will undoubtedly claim that these references are offensive and divisive, they are actually a signal that Britain is at peace with itself, and more confident and passionate about its religious and cultural history and the rich and diverse society in which we now live.

There is no better example of our country’s diverse talents than the Olympics, a towering example of Britain at its best. Our heroes who achieved extraordinary athletic achievements came from different backgrounds, religions and cultures, but above all they were British. The same can be said from the wonderful Jubilee party I attended in my ward of Waddon, so many people had come out in the early hours to prepare the bunting, bake the cakes and set up the tables, for everyone to enjoy the day. 

2012 will be remembered as the year not simply where Britain excelled itself but the year that we re-discovered what being British was all about. Our ability to finally celebrate our historic religious identity is a sign that our county once again believes in itself, and a country that believes in itself will believe in and support every individual, whatever their religion and whatever their background. 


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