Friday, 5 October 2012

A Make or Break Conservative Conference

This weekend Conservatives will travel from across the UK to Birmingham for one of the party’s most important conferences in recent years. The economy is stumbling, people are worried about keeping their jobs and paying their rent on time and this struggle is set to continue into the immediate future. Despite the gloomy economic outlook, the Government is taking steps in the right direction. The deficit has been cut by 25 per cent, obscene welfare bills have been slashed and public sector spending has been reigned in.
It’s time for the Government to set out its vision for the future, and that vision needs to be centered on deficit reduction. No hardworking family, saving the pennies to pay the electricity bill, or struggling to make ends meet would endorse taking on more debts and running up bills.
Hardworking Britons are all too aware of the dangers of overspending and the misery and problems it will bring. There is a clear moral case for cutting back on Government spending, not just to protect this generation, but to protect the next. After Labour brought this country to near bankruptcy, it is up to the Conservatives to clear up the mess, no matter how painful the process is.
This conference also provides David Cameron with an opportunity to rally the troops, by demonstrating his gratitude for all the hard work of our activists up and down the country. Each and every member plays a critical part in making our Party successful, working hard delivering, canvassing and engaging on the doorstep. Without these people, we would cease to exist as an effective political force and it’s time this was recognised and praised by the leadership.
Voters in Britain who are struggling in tough times don’t want miracles. They want clear, sensible and, most importantly, relevant policies that will help them and their families fight on for a better life. This conference provides David Cameron with an opportunity to put our party in line with these aspirations of every man, woman and child in Britain, if he does so, the Conservatives will begin the road to a majority in 2015.  

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