Sunday, 12 August 2012

Croydon's Olympic Legacy

Despite all the negative headlines in the lead up to the Olympic Games, everyone knew deep down that London 2012 was going to be a success. What I don’t think anyone could have realised was just how successful it was going to be.

Not only have our glorious and dedicated Team GB athletes shattered their medal score from Beijing, but our sporting heroes have dominated every single Olympic discipline with flair and commitment. It’s not only our athletes that deserve praise, the many thousands of volunteers who have helped with security, planning, the opening and closing ceremonies have shown the world that London really is the beating heart of the world. With every day comes a new, inspirational headline alongside a life changing imagine of a Team GB athlete winning gold and often breaking records.

As someone privileged to have lived in Croydon all my life, we must also recognise the huge contribution our town has made to this year’s athletics team. Croydon athletes like Martyn Rooney, Lawrence Okoye, James Dasaolu, James Ellington, Luol Deng have already made headlines for their efforts in London 2012, in four years time will they be bringing home gold medals for our country? Quite possibly.

As I watched the Olympic flame pass through my own Council ward in Waddon as residents cheered, I knew London 2012 was already going to be something special. Croydon’s famous community spirit was indeed united behind making the Games a great success and our home grown athletes made us proud.

Today, the Prime Minister has called for more investment and time to be spent on competitive sports in schools. This policy should be embraced moved forward to by everyone who has benefitted from the joy of this truly golden Olympic Games.

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