Saturday, 14 January 2012

France Gets a Downgrade, Labour Need an Upgrade

As the Eurozone crisis grows rapidly worse and a series of countries find themselves losing their gold plated credit ratings due to unprecedented economic turbulence, it’s not surprising that many people are thinking – thank god the Tories got in. After years of Labour splurging our hard earned cash on useless projects and wasteful ventures, the time for ‘good housekeeping’ was long overdue. In the final days of the Labour administration, the obsessive ability to waste our money, like a fruit machine addict, at the expense of the national interest was not simply foolish – it was obscene.

Earlier in the week, we were promised the spectre of a newly revitalised Ed Miliband, policy rich and passionate about how he might change the country. This was inevitably a disappointment, as we were greeted with a weak, weedy leader of the opposition whose speech was both flat and boring. The main problem facing the younger Miliband is his outright refusal to admit that Labour spent too much money. Maybe it’s arrogance or simply the influence of Ed Balls that’s stopping Ed making a break with the past, but the current strategy neither inspires nor encourages confidence with voters. Until Labour can come to terms with its mistakes, apologise and make amends then it will remain trapped in a black hole – deluded with the warped notion that one day voters will wake up and see Ed Miliband is the natural choice for Prime Minister.

Labour did indeed spend too much, far too much. The Conservatives have made tough and challenging cuts that have impacted everyone. But the difference is that the Conservative have made these choices in the national interest. Britain must stay on a clear and sensible course of deficit reduction if it is to avoid falling into the economic abyss.

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  1. *ahem*

    You've crushed growth. Growth we had as Labour left power. Nice growth as well. Your comprehensive spending review of 2010 flattened it.

    Without growth we can't spend on much. And this is going to lead to some very serious Public Service collapses if it is not redressed. We'll be going back to the 80's and 90's, with underfunded Public Services and Tory neglect. Where only the well off can get by, and everyone else has to put up with second rate services, exploitation, and a decided lack of justice.

    Due to Osborne et al.

    So forgive me if I am not over the moon that you Torys got power. I'm Disabled. You're leaving many of us to rot, and it is going to be agony. We're stuck using said Public Services you're about to underfund.

    And, surprise surprise, I am not looking forward to it.