Wednesday, 9 February 2011

LondonSpin's viewpoint on marriage

Today LondonSpin gave their opinion of Iain Duncan Smith's speech yesterday when he launched Marriage Week in the Commons, who stated, "family breakdown is not only damaging for individuals, it also imposes "incredibly high" financial and social costs on society as a whole." 

I support marriage and believe that couples who choose to marry should not be penalised.

LondonSpin's opinion:

"You have to wonder what kind of society we live in when people actually attack a policy that aims to help people stay together. Those on the Looney Left cry out about single mothers, decent parents that split for the right reasons and the ‘stigmatisation’ of single parents. But since was being together such a bad, evil thing?

Let’s look first at the statistics – the cold hard facts. Young people struggle to marry due to the costs, they are actually financially worse off when they are together. A child from a broken home is far more likely to fail in school and fall into crime than a child from a stable family.

It has to be said that under Labour married couples have become stigmatised themselves. Indeed, being divorced five times seems to be actively encouraged in the modern media. In a short space of time, Labour managed to create a society, which told people to do what they want, when they want it, whatever the consequences for those around them. This inherent selfishness and lack of tolerance has undoubtedly assisted the huge rise in divorces over the last few years.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but as a society, we should recognise those who choose to be together in Civil Partnerships or Marriage. Undoubtedly, the vast majority of single parents do a damn good job raising their kids. Nobody is saying otherwise, but we know that kids tend to do better when they have a stable family background.

Only minutes after the news broke a barrage of bile has been flung at Mr Duncan-Smith. “He’s stigmatising single mothers and fathers”– they say.

This reaction itself demonstrates a fundamental selfishness so rife in Britain today many people cannot even see it. This policy isn’t about the parents – it’s about the child."

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