Monday, 29 November 2010

CF Chairmen Training Day programme revealed...

This Saturday we are hosting the CF Chairmen Training Day which is free for all CF Chairmen across the UK to attend.

So far we've got over 50 Chairmen signed up from across the UK which is excellent news but there are still more places available!

We've managed to pack in 10 speakers over five sessions into the day including: 

- Media Training with CCHQ Press Team (they trained the current Conservative members of the Cabinet)

Me speaking at Women's Training Workshop (May 2009)

- N02AV Campaign Briefing (this item is confidential so no video recordings or photos are allowed)

- Free lunch

- Workshops with topics including the CF Work Programme for 2011, how to make your branch a success and how to increase membership

- Various MPs and GLAMs giving addresses

For security reasons we need everyone to register in advance and you can do so here  

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday and please contact me if you require any more information.
Media Training Workshop at CCHQ (May 2009)

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