Saturday, 2 October 2010

Why Birmingham Has the Secret to a Stronger Conservative Future

It seems like only yesterday that we were gathering at the ICC for our first conference in Birmingham. Birmingham is a great place to visit, vibrant, edgy and forward-looking and I know that this year’s conference will be another fantastic success. Over the last year working as Regional Chairman at London Conservative Future we’ve managed multiple campaign days and pulled together a huge campaign force fit for the future. Our record includes over thirty five individual telephone canvassing sessions at GenEVA, fifteen full national campaign days, four campaign ‘road trip’ weekends and various social events during the term. All of these made a huge impact on every aspect of the Conservative Party’s campaign machine and I wish Nic Clark every success in the coming year with his new role.

In my new role I’ll be helping roll-out this model across the whole of the UK, and where better to start than in Birmingham? It’s no secret that the campaign teams and volunteers here have already constructed a professional, active and dynamic Conservative group which is growing in strength every day. I look forward to meeting as many members of Birmingham CF as possible and lend my full support to their commitment and dedication to growing our organisation in such an important city.

There are indeed big challenges ahead for our party, and difficult decisions will have to be made to reduce Labour’s eye-watering debt. But as Conservatives we must stand strong and prove that these choices are for the good of the country. Ed Miliband has already proved himself to be indecisive and unclear about how he would choose to tackle the deficit – that’s probably because he doesn’t want to offend the Union members! In contrast to this, we have a strong, and more importantly honest leader in David Cameron who is ready to tell the truth about how Britain can get out of this mess, rather than sweeping the realities under the carpet.

Against this backdrop, it’s time for Conservative Future to shine. It’s time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and get involved with the social action projects, demonstrate our professionalism in key debates and make a serious contribution to conference. No longer can we take a back seat in the proceeding when we are the very people who should be leading the Conservative charge. So let us start by paying tribute to the outstanding example set by Birmingham CF and work with them to build branches across the whole of the UK, to cement Conservative Future as an effective force to be reckoned with.

Please come and join us every day this week at conference at the Dolphin Centre where we will be undertaking work that will turn a disused building into a community centre. This is the social action project for this year and details can be found here

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